The EEA Agreement

Norway to chair the EEA in the second half of 2006

From July 1, Norway has taken over responsibility as chair for the EEA for a six month period.

This goes for the co-operation between the EEA EFTA States and the EU Commission. The Work Programme for the Norwegian Chairmanship consists of three parts: Overall priorities, substantive matters of special attention and, as an annex, priorities within other policy areas.

The overall priorities focus on 2 areas. These are, on the one hand careful scrutiny of the various stages in the decision shaping and decision making processes with a view to improve the possibilities of the EEA EFTA countries to influence these processes, and on the other hand increased transparency and publicity around them.

Among the substantive matters of special attention we have focused on some important horizontal matters like f.ex. the EEA Enlargement, the Green papers on Energy and Maritime Policy, the Lisbon Strategy, Financial perspectives and ENP, and also focused on some of the running issues like incorporation of the Trade Emission Directive, the regulation on EFSA and Food Law and the directives on GMO and Novel Food with necessary adaptations.

The complete work programme can be found below.

Norwegian Chairmanship Work Programme 2nd half 2006

(Published 13.07.06)

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