Photo: Børge Brendebekk/ Byhands.

Around 1400 participants from over thirty nations are gearing up for Arctic Frontiers 2015. The conference takes place from January 18th-23rd and is the most significant conference for Arctic issues in Norway. This year’s theme is climate and energy. Read more

The Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg met with Latvias Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma, President Andris Berzins and Ms Inara Murniece, Speaker of the Saeima, 8th of December. Read more

Project partners: Terje Samuelsen, Vice President in the Norwegian Transport Workers Federation and Jüri Lember, President of the Estonian Seamen’s Independent Union. Photo: Christophe Vander Eecken. 
Photo: Christophe Vander Eecken.

New collective agreements and better health and safety standards are some of the results that have been achieved in 13 Central European countries through the Global Fund for Decent Work and Tripartite Dialogue under the Norway Grants. Read more

Photo: Stian Mathisen.

The Mission of Norway to the EU will be closed on Tuesday 11 November 2013 due to a public holiday (Armistice Day) in Belgium. Read more

Photo: Robertas Dackus.

On October 27, top government representatives from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, the USA and other countries gathered in the Lithuanian port city of Klaipėda to inaugurate the first Liquefied Natural Gas terminal in the Baltic and Nordic region. Read more

The Mission of Norway to the EU is cloced on 15 October 2014 due to an internal staff seminar. Read more

Tord Lien, Minister of Petroleum and Energy. 
Photo: OED \ Scanpix.

The Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has today granted Statnett licenses for two new electricity interconnectors, one to Germany and one to the United Kingdom. In total, this will increase Norway’s interconnection capacity with near 50 percent. Statnett plans commissioning of the cable to Germany in 2018, while the cable to the UK is planned commissioned in 2020. Read more

Minister of Climate and Environment Tine Sundtoft and Minister of Petroleum and Energy Tord Lien. Photo: Mission of Norway to the EU

The upcoming EU decisions on a framework for the climate and energy policies towards 2030 and on the Energy Security Strategy, come at a crucial point in time. Intensified efforts to mitigate climate change, to increase energy security and to enhance competitiveness, come together. Read more

Photo: Stian Mathisen/NorwayEU.

On Thursday, Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Mr. Tord Lien, participated in the joint EU/Norway conference on "A reinforced energy partnership between Norway and the EU" in Brussels. He also had a meeting with EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger in the framework of the EU-Norway Energy Dialogue. Read more

In response to Russia’s continued violation of international law in Ukraine, the EU introduced new restrictive measures against Russia on 12 September. As previously indicated, the Government will align itself with these measures. Read more

The seminar will focus on the role of EU and NATO and the potential for further cooperation between the two organizations on this important subject. Read more

Photo: Foto: Thomas Haugersveen/.

‘By ordering the police raid on 8 September, it is clear that the Hungarian authorities are continuing their harassment of civil society organisations, and that they have no intention of fulfilling their obligations under the agreements Hungary has entered into on the management of the EEA and Norway Grants,’ said Minister of EEA and EU Affairs Vidar Helgesen. Read more

Minister of EEA and EU Affairs, Mr Vidar Helgesen. 
Photo: Thomas Haugersveen, Office of the Prime Minister.

This month marks 25 years since Hungary opened its borders to the West and set the reunification of Europe in motion.Today, Hungary’s Government is turning its back on the West, writes Vidar Helgesen, Norway’s Minister for Europe. Read more

Foreign Minister Børge Brende. 
Photo: MFA.

The Government on 15 August adopted new restrictive measures against Russia, in line with the decision announced on 11 August. The new regulations were adopted today by the King in Council, and enter into force immediately. Read more

State secretary, Vidar Brein-Karlsen, receives the report from Ingeborg Rasmussen, Vista Analyse. 
Photo: JD.

In 2009 Norway criminalised the buying of sex. An evaluation of the legislation find that the criminalisation has led to a reduced demand for the buying of sex in Norway and a reduction in the extent of prostitution. Read more

'Russia’s import ban is completely unreasonable. The fact that Russia is implementing these measures shows how important it is that we stand together with our allies and partners in responding to Russia’s destabilisation of Ukraine. I agree with the EU’s assessment that the trade restrictions are politically motivated,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende. Read more

Ambassador of Norway to the EU Atle Leikvoll. 
Photo: Mission of Norway to the EU.

As a major exporter of natural gas and oil to Europe, and as part of the internal energy market under the EEA Agreement, Norway supports the goal of enhanced energy security in Europe and understands the desire to strengthen policies in this area, writes Ambassador Atle Leikvoll in DG Energy’s monthly newsletter. Read more

The Government will work at the international level to promote the removal of subsidies on fuels that are harmful to the environment, exacerbate climate change and undermine sustainable development. Read more

Foreign Minister Børge Brende. 
Photo: MFA.

‘Norway congratulates Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia on the signing of their association agreements with the EU. These agreements will bring these countries an important step closer to European integration,’ said Foreign Minister Børge Brende. Read more

Norway Foreign Minister Børge Brende. Photo: MFA

‘It is important that Norway, together with our European partners, sends a clear signal to the Syrian authorities that the persistent use of violence is unacceptable and must end immediately. Norway will therefore align itself with the EU’s new restrictive measures against Syria,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende. Read more