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Photo: Javier Bernal.Photo: Javier Bernal


Last updated: 10.03.2015 // The Mission of Norway to the EU is located in Rue Archimède 17, right next door to the headquarter of the European Commission - Berlaymont - and close to the Council building, also known as Justus Lipsus.

To get to the Mission, either take the metro, bus or a taxi.

Direction EU district/Schuman area. Rue Archimède is the street going straight north from the Schuman roundabout - "Rond point Schuman". There is a possibility to stop outside the entrance, but the parking facilities are very limited. A taxi-ride from the airport costs 30 € and takes 20-30 min., approximately.

The nearest metro station is Schuman. Lines 1A and 1B both stop here. At Schuman station take the Rond Point Schuman exit. You will find Rue Archimède on your left. The Mission is at No 17, where you will see a Norwegian flag on top of the building, Norway House. Metro fee 1.50 €. Tickets are available at each metro entrance. Brussels metro map.

Brussels has four train stations. The two most frequently used are Gare Central and Gare du Midi. Gare Central is mainly for domestic trains. Gare du Midi is the main station for international trains (Eurostar, Thalys).

Brussels Airport is less than twenty minutes from the city centre (40 minutes from the Mission). From 06:00 until nearly midnight, the Airport City Express links the airport with Brussels South, Central and North four times an hour. A one-way ticket costs 4.30 € first class and 2.80 € second class. The train station is located on the basement (level 1) of the terminal building.

Bus to and from the airport
No 12 operates between the Brussels city centre (Hertogstraat/rue Ducale) and the Brussels Airport. There are a limited number of stops on this "Airport Line": Troon/Trône - Luxemburg/Luxembourg - Schuman - Diamant - Genève – Germinal and NATO. The line operates between 4.57 a.m. and 11.57 p.m., with 3-4 departures per hour. The Schuman stop for buses coming from and to the airport is situated in Rue d'Archimede, right in front of the Mission.


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