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Photo: FMO/EEA and Norway Grants.Photo: FMO/EEA and Norway Grants

The EEA and Norway Grants

Last updated: 10.03.2015 // The EEA and Norway Grants are Norway’s contribution to reducing economic and social disparities within the European Economic Area (EEA). Our funding also provide a unique opportunity to promote cooperation and partnerships between Norway and the sixteen beneficiary states in Central and Southern Europe.

Focus areas
Our support is channelled through 150 programmes and targeted towards areas where there are clear needs in the beneficiary states, and it is in line with broader European policies.

Climate change, energy, research and green innovation are among the priority sectors that receive most funding. More than EUR 700 million – or around 40 % of the funding – is allocated to these sectors, creating better conditions for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe.

We give special attention to strengthening civil society and improving the capacity of non-governmental organisations (NGOs). A minimum of 10 % of the funding in each country has been allocated to areas such as democracy-building, protection of human rights and promotion of social inclusion.

The Global Fund for Decent Work and Social Dialogue promotes cooperation on labour policies between workers, employers and government organisations. Norway gives priority to establishing tripartite dialogue structures and initiatives to promote work–life balance. Norway also provides support for improving health, safety and environment standards.

Our social inclusion programmes seek to enhance public health services and tackle issues such as poverty, a lack of equal opportunities and discrimination. The inclusion of Roma is a special concern in several programmes. 

Gender equality is key to economic development and is a cross-cutting concern.

Bilateral relations
Strengthening bilateral relations is a key objective. Strategic partnerships between organisations and institutions in Norway and the beneficiary states have been established, and new opportunities for cooperation are explored on an ongoing basis.

Currently, 87 of our 150 programmes are being implemented through cooperation between donor and beneficiary states. A wide range of public authorities and institutions, organisations and businesses also participate in partnership projects.

How does the EEA and Norway Grants scheme work?
Applicants can apply for support under the various programmes, primarily following open calls for proposals in the beneficiary states. Country-specific priorities and programmes are negotiated between Norway and the beneficiary states.

Beneficiary states
Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

The eligibility criteria for the EEA and Norway Grants are the same as those set for the EU Cohesion Fund, which is aimed at member states whose per-capita GNI is less than 90 % of the EU average.

Contributions 2009–2014 (million EUR)

Programmes and projects may be implemented until 2016.

Beneficiary state    


Poland 578.1
Romania 306.0
Hungary 153.3
Czech Republic 131.8
Bulgaria 126.6
Lithuania 84.0
Slovakia 80.8
Latvia 73.0
Greece 63.4
Portugal 58.0
Estonia 48.6
Spain** 45.9
Slovenia  26.9
Croatia* 9.6
Cyprus 7.8
Malta 4.5


* Croatia has been eligible for funding since joining the EEA in 2014.
**Spain received transitional support in the period 1 May 2009–31 December 2013

Norway has provided funding to reduce social and economic disparities through various mechanisms since the EEA was first established in 1994.

EEA members Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein established the EEA and Norway Grants in conjunction with the enlargement of the European Union and the EEA in 2004.

A total of EUR 1.8 billion has been made available over the current funding period 2009–14, in addition to the EUR 1.30 billion already provided under the 2004–09 grants schemes.

Norway contributes around 97 % of the pledged amount.

More information:
www.eeagrants.org - the official website of the EEA and Norway Grants


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